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If you love your furry children then this organization is just what you need. I asked for a cell phone cover with my furry girls on it, and they delivered exactly what I wanted. I love the individuality of the product.

Steve-Kathleen Kalfman

the love stories that are crazy and full of curiosity last the longest! and who dares nothing can also win nothing. mine is already 21 years old and I don’t regret a day. Therefore I wish you both all the best for the future

Michaela Braun

I’ve been following for some time ad Kait as well y’all have an amazing love story that keeps going and your fur babies are amazing thank you for sharing you life with us common folk that won’t turn into a scamming process lol…bravo for you and your beautiful family.

Sharon Casterline

What awesome you tell your love story, i love it! I like the furprints very much, like it for my own dogs.! Keep going like this way, you two are amazing!!


Your story is inspiring and although I dont currently have a dog I think what you guys are doing is great.
Keep it up and wishing you great success.

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